So here it goes: the first blog post, the most difficult first step! Simply, here you can read about my favorite things:

- aerial hoop (Lyra)

- contortion and flexibility training

- aerial silks

- dance conditioning and choreography

- yoga (I tend to focus on Hatha and Bikram styles and consistently incorporate Yin meditations)

- mindfulness and working through mind-body connections

- health of body, mind and spirit, and how it ties into training and performance

- inspiring people, events and training opportunities!

Fundamentally, I believe that, when we seek with our heart, we discover and manifest exactly what we most need in the present moment. If you ask mindfully - the answers will come to you, whether in the mind's eye or the physical world. You will attract the right people into your life, find the right resources and open all the right doors. You will find yourself irreversibly drawn to the right ideas for you at this time.

So be brave and ask the right questions, for the right reasons! Hope you find some new and useful ideas here for your own journey. Love and Light.

xx Alina