Barre: Bo Mellinger

On Saturday mornings I take a barre class with one of my all-time favorite instructors, Bo Mellinger.

...and yes, I ran my scheme for this post by him :)

Some things just can't be contained - they are meant to be written about and shared widely. Bo's barre class is a perfect example. A naturally talented actor, singer, dancer and performer, Bo has an exceptional knowledge and feel for the dancing body. How it moves; what muscles make it move; its lines; and how subtly various exercises affect the physique. In class he focuses on mental imagery and sound cues that are precise and naturally relatable. Seemingly without effort - but we all know what an illusion that can be - Bo makes your body move with energy, precision, perfect posture and optimal alignment. The Barre3 method is my favorite because it is closest to ballet, emphasizing fluidity of movement and transitions, alignment and length, length, length. There is quite a bit of cardio, as well. The movements are light and small, but when you are done, all the rights parts of your body are fired up and in synch with your nervous system, accessible to you for the rest of your day. When Bo's one-hour class is over I always feel as though I was backstage at the New York City Ballet or Broadway, warming up for a peak performance.

I suppose I also appreciate my guaranteed 24 hours of happy endorphins ;)

Do the exercises really work - do they change your body? Take a look at Bo, and you may be a believer. Also, I choose barre as a form of conditioning because it makes me stronger and better-coordinated for more acrobatic types of cirque fitness. Just something I have personally observed. At the same time, I feel that every movement is designed to be completely safe for the joints, and almost therapeutic in a way. Doing barre daily actually promotes healing of micro-injuries as your body strengthens and adopts more efficient movement patterns.

I wish Bo luck to reach his goals in 2016. I hope that he teaches more classes at Barre3 (selfish fingers crossed!) Furthermore, I wish him the best of luck in his performing arts career. He is a jaw-droppingly talented performer.

How do I know? This past October, Bo performed in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Jesus Christ, Superstar", at the Seattle Musical Theatre. My favorite Barre3 instructor performing in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical? Could this really get any better?! Turns out, yes. SMT's unique take on the undisputed modern classic took me by storm. And after their phenomenal performance, which mesmerized with an explosion of passion, chemistry, and sheer vocal mastery, I admit that I became a real fan of Bo. And the Seattle performing arts scene in general. I cannot wait to see Bo's next performances (again, selfish fingers crossed!)

I snapped this photo of the cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical "Jesus Christ, Superstar" at the Seattle Musical Theater. 3 October 2015.

I snapped this photo of the cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical "Jesus Christ, Superstar" at the Seattle Musical Theater. 3 October 2015.

Bo has a website for his acting, singing, performing, and modeling. And seriously, take his barre class if you are ever in Seattle!