About Me


Name / Alina Syunkova

Born / Saratov, Russia

Age began training / 4

Education / Stanford University, B.A., International Relations

Athletic background / rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming

I started in Moscow, Russia, in rhythmic gymnastics at the age of four, in order to eventually compete as a synchronized swimmer. I picked up ballet while training in synchronized swimming - ballet is so fundamental to all performance and movement! However, I would say that RG has influenced me the most. Gradually, my passion for motion in the water evolved into an exploration of performing arts and movement through every medium - into the air and circus arts! Driven by a life-long fascination with Cirque du Soleil, the aerial arts and particularly the Lyra came into my life very naturally.

I do a great deal of training and conditioning, currently focusing on the aerial hoop and flexibility / contortion. My favorite system for training and conditioning is grounded in rhythmic gymnastics and ballet fundamentals. I pay homage to conditioning with barre work, Pilates, ankle weights, strengthening with Thera-Bands, and contortion drills for 1-2 hours before I train on the aerial apparatus. In the air, in addition to aerial hoop, I love working on dance trapeze. Outside the big top, I take ballet class, work on synchronized swimming technique and conditioning at the pool, and bring my body back to balance with hot yoga.


I created this website for three key reasons:

  1. as a chronicle of my day to day artistic journey
  2. as a platform to generate ideas and collaboration
  3. as a way to share beauty and inspiration with those who may seek it


If you would like to collaborate or have questions about using an image you find on my website, please Contact Me.

All Training photos are taken by instructors and fellow artists, capturing moments of our daily work. I have also been very fortunate to work with brilliant photographers from time to time. Their photos are featured in the Photography gallery. I credit photographers with links to the their own websites, where you can contact them directly.

Most of all, I hope and feel that my story will provide you with something inspiring and useful for your own epic journey - enjoy! xx Love and Light



Let the beauty you love be what you do.
— Rumi